Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Humorous Sign

DH saw a door mat with a design similar to this on it.  We have some friends who are avid hunters and enjoy all types of firearms so he asked me if I could make a sign for them.  I'd been given some old plaques that had certificates on them so I removed the plexiglass and did my sign using cardstock and clip art images.

Once the sign was completed DH replaced the plexiglass to protect the cardstock.

It was laid out and cut in Make The Cut software.  I used Silhouette software to do a print and cut for the Sig Rainbow gun and the bullet hole images.  The fonts are Lobster 1.4 and Lucida Console.


Lynda said...

Sent a picture of this plaque to my husband. He loved it, had me send it again to his I-pad so he could show it to all the guys at the "McDonald's Breakfast Club".

Sehosa said...

This is really neat - my husband would want one if he saw it.