Monday, June 17, 2013

More Versions of the Library Pocket Card

 Pretty much the same layout of the original card I posted today.  Just used some different color combinations.


KarenK said...

Love all of them!

MaryH said...

Like all 3 of these.Lovin' the colors. I did get an email from you this morning. It had a link to something, but I usually won't open a link unless I'm fairly sure where it leads. And you don't send me things like that, so I was wary. I almost replied to it, asking if you had sent it. Finally just decided to delete it. Saw your FB post just a few minutes ago...glad I deleted it. FYI..if you EVER get any email from me...I always put the dots after the subject, or some other punctuation mark. If you see something come in that doesn't have ain't from me!!! Good luck with fixing your acct. Happened to me on Hotmail last year.

Brenda said...

Love these Linda!